You probably heard this before a thousand times but I’m going to say it again anyway: content is king.

If any new business or startup wants to improve their site traffic and increase their brand awareness, creating and sharing interesting content is the key. This is why most businesses are always in need of content marketers. They make the magic happen. They write helpful and engaging content from scratch for their target audience in order to connect them, increase organic site traffic, and improve conversion rate.

But just because content marketers are in demand doesn’t mean they’ll get every job they apply for. Employers always look for people who can do more and as career-driven people, we should actually be doing more than is expected of us.

As a content marketer, you should also know the other technical things such as optimizing blog posts for SEO and using Google Analytics to read data. And, I must say – as a Growth Specialist – Google Analytics is the one of the most important tools content marketers need to check from time to time.

Why? Because it can show you all the information you need such as the answers to these questions:

  • Which sites do you get the highest and lowest traffic from?
  • How many traffic did you get?
  • What are your top blog posts?
  • Are people really reading your blog?
  • How many new readers did you gain?

The more data you know, the more you’ll know what you need to improve on. If you’re planning to start to discover Google Analytics on your own, here’s a helpful infographic cheatsheet on Google Analytics Orbit Media Studios and Visme created specially for content marketers.

Infographic made with Visme.

Belle Balace

Belle Balace


Growth Specialist