Despite the ease of online shopping, a recent study found that a disturbing number of consumers, 70%, ditch their items before checking out. This is even more impressive considering that the UK hosts more online sales (and browses) than any other country.

The research, which was completed by cloud.IQ on more than 2,000 shoppers, found that, when consumers can’t speak with a representative, they tend to cancel out of the sale altogether. One in five of consumers admitted to this reasoning when backing out of purchases. Overall, seven out of 10 shoppers nix their virtual carts.

Additionally, women are 7% more likely to cancel online sales than men. As for more expensive items, costing £50 or more, 52% of Internet shoppers said they’re more willing to buy if the retailers offer to call, free of charge. That number increases to two-thirds for “digital natives,” while they still list that contact with the seller is an important decision factor.

These numbers come at even more of a surprise when considering Britons spend an average of £1,000 each in online sales. By making communication easier between sales teams and consumers, companies can work to further increase their online profits, as well as their influence on the public.

One such method is the introduction of callback buttons, which allows shoppers to click and call. These ‘buttons’ are located directly near the shopping section, and automates the calling process, allowing consumers to ask questions about products or the eCommerce experience. Outside of business hours, calls will be scheduled, and continued until a connection is made.

Callback buttons are free to the consumer to use, and create an added layer of trust. With integrations like this, as well as increased business/customer communication, retailers are likely to see an increase in their sales, and a decrease in cancelled transactions.

James Critchley, CEO of cloud.IQ, said, “With Britons spending on average £1,000 each year online, it’s crucial retailers make it as easy as possible for consumers to get in touch. People want to do business with people. The reality is that even when we’re buying stuff online – and particularly something that costs more than a few quid – we usually want to talk to someone as part of the transaction. It’s worrying that many retailers fail to offer this option.”

cloud-IQ infographic - June 2013