According to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, which takes ad spending into account by location and year, global advertising is still down. Since 2012, totals have risen less than 2% (1.9) throughout 2013’s first quarter.

However, those numbers weren’t consistent in every country, while funds increased in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Asian-Pacific, North America remained constant, while Europe actually decreased by 4.4%. Economic problems in Europe means it will take some time to see improvement.

Another inconsistency takes place in Egypt, where, though its surrounding countries’ ad spending increased by 2.9%, it took a 20% dip. This large decline is likely due to ongoing government and civil disagreements.

The biggest growth came from Latin America, with a whopping growth of 11.9%, with spending having grown in every regional country. This comes in the wake of Argentina’s rising unemployment and inflation numbers.

In contrast, ad spending grew by 5.8% in the Asia-Pacific region, with China, Indonesia, and the Philippines all seeing a raise near 20%. Japan, however, decreased its’ spending by just over 1%, creating heavy growth overall for the region as a whole.

Global Ad Spend