The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events, not just in the US, but in the world too. With over 100 million viewers it isn’t the game itself but the leading up to the game and the half time shows that make the fans sweat. The question is how has social media made the Super Bowl so popular?

Since the rise of social networks like Twitter, the news has hit our doorsteps even quicker than before. Every company is fighting to be the first to write about it and make it relevant to them. Of all the broadcasts and events going on every year, the Super Bowl seems like the best opportunity for a bit of ‘newsjacking’. And what better to spread the news than our beloved social media?

Some Super Bowl Statistics

  • The Super Bowl got 24.1 million tweets on Sunday and is still getting tweets today
  • This year the Super Bowl has had the highest ratings of any other Super Bowl in history
  • The Super Bowl saw an 166% increase in cross platform advertising
  • Spending $4 Million will get you a 30 second advertising slot

You might be wondering if spending so much money on advertising really works. The statistics say it all. Companies that spent the money and advertised during the Super Bowl were more likely to be mentioned.


One of the most popular brands leaving the Super Bowl was Anheuser Busch. The advert showed the story of a Clydesdale horse and his trainer growing up together, being separated and reunited again after many years. It has been one of the most emotional and powerful adverts on TV for a long time.

The commercial itself made a huge impact on people watching the game, so much so, that there are people still tweeting about it now. There would have been a time where only a select group in the USA would’ve gotten to see that advert. Today, it was tweeted about millions of times, the YouTube video alone has seen well over 9million views and there is everything from news articles to blog posts being written about it. The whole world got to be part of one amazing advertisement and many people had to wipe the tears from their eyes after (If you didn’t watch it…bring a tissue).

superbowl tweets

Anheuser Busch watched social media enlarge its brand, while others used social media to enlarge their brand. Take this as an example- during the 34 minute blackout at this year’s game, there were many companies taking advantage of the amount of people turning to their phones. Within 4 minutes of the blackout, Oreo has already come up with this:

It’s no wonder that advertisers are using every power they have to make sure they’re the first point of contact with your eyes and your phone. Since every move we make doesn’t happen without our phones, advertisers this year have had to get creative.

Let’s face it. Digital marketing has made the Super Bowl even more famous than it ever was. Advertising has reached multiple platforms and millions of people all over the world and it’s done this by being fast, engaging, funny and smart. It only takes a minute to write a tweet and the Super Bowl blackout lasted 34. That’s plenty of time for someone to write about how Destiny’s Child is back together or start following Anheuser Busch on Twitter.