Searchmetrics, the search and social analytics company, reports major UK retailers are using Pinterest to promote their products and encourage sharing amongst customers in the run up to Christmas. 

You and I are fans of certain companies or products and when we like something we want to share it with the people we know. Pinterest enables users like us to create virtual pinboards where they can pin (share) images, video and other (visual) online content.

Searchmetrics conducted a study of Pinterest activity of 10 UK retailer websites. The study found that in the run-up to Christmas, the ASOS, Debenhams and John Lewis retailer sites are the top sites for content sharing on Pinterest. The study was done using the data from Searchmetrics global databases, which contain a regularly updated store of data points related to web sites and their visibility on social networks.

At the time of the study (November 2012) 80,071 links to content on had been shared on Pinterest. came in second place with 45,751 shared links while came third with 27,067. Each pin has the potential to convert into a sale, offering potentially excellent ROI.

Pinterest xmas leaders

Pinterest acts a virtual shop window according to Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics. “It drives traffic back to specific product pages, has great visual appeal and acts as a recommendation. All of which is likely to have a positive impact on sales.”  Today Pinterest has over 12 million users.

Another interesting result from the Searchmetrics study revealed Debenhams has the single most shared piece of content; a purple bed linen set with 24,334 pins. A men’s tailoring guide on was pinned 6,933 times. Searchmetrics’ weekly data found that currently generates the highest number of average pins per week (1,963) followed by (1,499) and (755). This information also provides useful insight into product development. Whether you sell a product or service, knowing what your customers like best can help your business create or source similar products or services.

Any business offering visually striking online content should create a Pinterest page as part of an integrated or social media marketing campaign. The ‘about section’ of a Pinterest profile page is indexed by search engines so it’s important to include the top SEO terms for your business.

All 10 of the retailers in the Searchmetrics study have set up their own official Pinterest pages and are currently running Christmas campaigns. Tesco has boards focusing on Christmas gifts “for him” and “for her” while Argos has the Argos Toy Exchange, which promotes a charitable scheme for underprivileged children. John Lewis currently has a number of Christmas themed boards, which focus on gift ideas, home decoration, entertaining and snowman building.

With major retailers using Pinterest to promote their products, it’s clear some businesses might be missing out on Christmas sales by not having Pinterest in their social media mix.

Matthew Heselden

Matthew Heselden