no facebook adsAs the end of 2013’s third quarter is in full swing, Facebook is set to announce its second quarter stats. Among numbers will come ad revenues and how they compare in mobile versions of the site. This news comes as especially intriguing with the news that Facebook could earn (at least) $12 billion per year by charging users a no-ad fee, according to Twitter’s Biz Stone. In contrast, the site earned $4.3 billion from ads in 2012, making the no-ad option a profitable option.

But how many users would be willing to pay?

According to a recent poll by marketing agency Greenlight, 15 percent of users said they would pay. The poll, which included more than 500 participants from across the globe, also showed that 8 percent stated they would pay $5-$10, even if it was a monthly charge. To some, it seems, not seeing constant Facebook ads is worthy of a hefty fee.

In March, Facebook’s new newsfeed design was released, adding paid posts to mobile versions of the site. However, it’s still unclear whether or not that move netted them more in their quarterly ad revenue.

Andreas Pouros, COO at Greenlight noted that Facebook may need to cut back on its ad sales; 70 percent of users said they never or rarely acknowledge the ads. This form of apathy could mean few users will pay, while paid ads receive less clicks. Pouros also said it’s important for users to not feel bogged down with ads. If Facebook can reevaluate that formula, they will likely see better results.

While there’s no option for the no-ad account of yet, now that the numbers are out in the open, Facebook is sure to consider this method in the future.