In today’s on-demand economy it’s fair to say no marketer can afford to be strictly B2B-focused. Eventually, every road leads back to the consumer.

With that in mind, we at MATRIXX Software set out to craft a campaign, aimed at telecom operators around the world, that would not only highlight the possibilities of the future, but also evoke excitement and anticipation. In other words, build momentum through direct messaging that speaks to an intrinsic need and core value, rather than to the industry itself. In order to move beyond B2B engagement, we knew we wanted to showcase our product and our service for its ultimate B2C benefit.

What Does Your Marketing Say About Your Brand?

MATRIXX Software, by almost any definition, is a staid, SaaS-based, B2B organization that markets directly to the enterprise – in our case, telecom companies, another industry traditionally known as being staid, conservative and, well, boring. In order to help our clients reimagine their own brand experience through our own marketing conversations, we knew we had to change up the approach and clearly define the end goal of our solution – a dynamic, consumer-first experience.

What Works, What Doesn’t

When launching a new campaign, particularly one intended to ‘move the brand,’ it’s tempting to throw the baby out with the bath water. Before doing that, it’s first valuable to make an honest assessment of marketing strategies to date – what has worked and what needs to change. In our case, we had done an effective job of defining the On-Demand economy, a message that resonated with our core tech audience. However, our internal review also confirmed that we needed to expand our readership by growing our reach into the C-Suite.

Know Your Audience

Every marketer knows the hardest campaigns to be built are those which target new audiences. To do that, we needed something that better showcased the impact of our offering and how it was essential for market leadership; and, of course, we needed to achieve our goals without leaving behind those with whom we’d already been engaging. With that objective in mind, we were able to build a strategy that could help us better engage and convince our target audience.

We next worked to align the campaign messaging with our new audience. By focusing on the possibility of exciting, innovative options for consumer experiences, we were now speaking directly to CEOs and CXOs, those who ultimately held the responsibility of driving consumer engagement.

Design a Campaign to Overcome Impediments

It was imperative to consider the obstacles MATRIXX would face and solidify a plan of action ahead of time before they ever came into view. Part of that was aligning our messaging and goals internally, with our own executive team. We recognized that for our campaign to succeed, it needed to be understood and internalized at every level of the organization. From there, we focused outward to imagine how our message might be received and what barriers we could address from the outset.

This led to a better understanding of the specific challenges a telecom executive encounters, which in turn led us to create targeted messaging designed to empower the C-suite into becoming the change agents needed to lead their organizations into a disruptive future.

Engage Everywhere

One of the greatest challenges of omni-channel marketing is determining the most effective ways to connect with audiences across different channels. An essential element of our distribution plan was to have readily-digestible assets everywhere, with each asset tying back to the campaign and evoking a feeling of desire and expectation of all that was possible, along with the understanding that MATRIXX Software could deliver it.

Rather than focus on traditional B2B approaches – mailers or email blast campaigns – we needed campaign assets that felt as fresh and modern as the results we were promising to our customers. This thinking led us to a campaign that looked and felt B2C in every aspect. A full color, 44 page playbook of digital opportunities, printed in both hardcover and softcover, as well as five consumer-centric videos that could be viewed independently to tell a piece of our story, or together to show the entirety of our offering. Just as importantly, we very deliberately created everything to be snackable so that it could be easily repurposed anywhere.

Reap the Rewards

The results that stemmed from this new campaign approach spoke volumes. The final assets successfully communicated a powerful message to the core audiences, driving a 77% website return rate, 43% increase in session duration, 25% increase in target audience engagement and a significant uptick in C-suite interactions. Beyond our industry, our campaign resulted in multiple marketing industry recognitions and awards. None of which would have been possible without a rigorous campaign strategy underpinning the work.

By focusing first on strategy, connecting to the end consumer experience, and addressing the needs of today’s Telco executive, we were able to demonstrate how a B2B enterprise can influence its customers by delivering dynamic, engaging and even consumer-focused content.

In today’s digital first world, an executive is really no different than their consumer in terms of what motivates, excites and inspires them. When B2B brands can tap into this emotive engagement, and deliver proven options for engaging end users in different and exciting ways, they can find renewed success. They key is to first develop a thoughtful strategy and then use marketing collateral and activities to bring that strategy to life.

Jennifer Kyriakakis

Jennifer Kyriakakis


Jennifer Kyriakakis is Founder and VP Marketing at MATRIXX Software,