Instagram has added two cool features that enhance how users transform their photos to increase engagement and share fascinating Halloween moments in a new way, never seen before!

It has never been a great time to launch the new features than this week, just at the right time when Halloween is around the corner.  These new tools will help users get creative, funny, and spooky as they engage friends on Instagram this Halloween season. These are the two creative tools that have been added on Instagram this week; Superzoom and Halloween filters.

Instagram is continually improving the user experience by adding new cool features that enhance how users share their day to day moments with friends. Most of the new features make Instagram stand out as the coolest social networking app. There have been lots of efforts to improve the augmented reality features on Instagram. Previously, when they introduced the face filters users were excited, and everyone loved the dramatic transformation of ordinary pictures into creative animal faces.

What are the Superzoom and Halloween Filters?

  • Superzoom – this feature allows users to automatically zoom the screen with added comic music that creates a comical effect. This comical effect can be shared on Instagram stories or sent directly to friends. You can literally Superzoom anything, a selfie photo, friend’s crazy pictures or any photo like a half-eaten sandwich.
  • Halloween filters – these new face filters that allow the users to transform their face pictures into zombies or vampires. A great way to scare your friends on Instagram this Halloween! Another upcoming feature that will be rolled out next month will add Halloween face stickers in the camera section.

Do you want to be creatively crazy on Instagram this Halloween?

If you are an enthusiastic Instagram user like me, you will undoubtedly love these two innovative new tools since they will take your Halloween creativity to a whole new level. Let me explain how each of these tools works:

How Superzoom Feature Works

  • Superzoom is available in the Instagram camera section for both Android and iOS users. It is located at the bottom where you scroll across for Boomerang, Rewind or other camera options below the record button.
  • To use Superzoom, you just select Superzoom and tap the record screen, and it will automatically start zooming with comic music to create the comedic effect.
  • You can either Save or add it to the Instagram Story to share with friends.
  • You can Superzoom anything including selfie pictures, your friend’s crazy faces, your pet photos or even your hilarious moments during the day.

How Halloween Filters Works

  • The Halloween filters are meant to transform your face into a spooky vampire, and it’s very easy to use these filters.
  • You can access the Halloween filters on the camera section by swiping, tapping and holding the screen.
  • The stickers appear for you to creatively use in editing and enhancing your photos. There are all kinds of Halloween stickers; eyeballs, lanterns, green hands that are disembodied and you can apply them before you upload the picture or video. These face stickers will be available from 1st November in the new update.

These two new Instagram creative tools should help you get into Halloween spirit by sharing scary moments with your friends. These features are fun and easy to use for everyone; take a few minutes to try them out! The features are available as part of the Instagram version 20.0 update for both iOS and Android.

Joe Njenga

Joe Njenga