Conversion Week 2016 takes place on 18th-24th April 2016.

Conversion Week is a series of conferences, workshops and seminars taking place around the World dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimization. Experts and event organizers unite to deliver a week of local and national events committed to helping business growth and promoting excellence through CRO.

As CRO becomes an integral part of ebusiness, Conversion Week promotes best practice and the latest developments on a global scale. Anyone involved in CRO is encouraged to set up their own local event  during Conversion Week. Whether it’s a conference, workshop or just a gathering of like minded people, let us know what you have planned at You will receive help and  support from the Conversion Week organization to make your event a real success.

Conversion Week is a global movement headed by Manuel da Costa,  CRO specialist at Digital Tonic, and Ton Wesseling, CEO Testing Agency and founder of Online Dialogue.

The programme of events opens with Conversion World, which runs from 18th to 20th April, 2016.

Conversion World is an online conference, with sessions and keynote presentations designed for conversion optimizers and digital marketing professionals who want to understand how CRO can improve their business.

Expert speakers from around the Globe including Jeffrey Eisenberg @JeffreyGroks from Buyer Legends, The Brain Lady Susan Weinschenk @thebrainlady, Jim Sterne @jimsterne from The Digital Analytics Association and Nir Eyal, @nireya Hooked  will gather to deliver an inspiring programme. CRO components such as A/B testing are explained and discussed along with the psychology of online customers and how to optimize sites to boost sales.

The full list of speakers can be found at

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.