Nearly 40% of agencies haven’t bothered to set up a Google+ account, according to research carried out by one of the UK SEO agencies, Browser Media.

Desktop research was undertaken to look at 101 UK SEO agencies that were sourced from Econsultancy’s supplier directory. All the data is based on information taken directly from the agencies’ websites.

The infographic (below) summarises the current state of the UK SEO industry, highlighting the services agencies offer, how they describe themselves, their content output and social media media use in an attempt to capture the current state of search at this exciting point for the industry.

There are some interesting revelations to be found;

  • Nearly 40% of agencies haven’t bothered to set up a Google+ account, despite pretty much every big name in the industry banging on about the potential of the platform?
  • You’ve probably been reading the phrase “inbound marketing” on nearly a daily basis, in recent times. However, we couldn’t find a single agency who brand themselves in this way
  • 20% haven’t even bothered to set up a blog!?
  • More than half of the agencies published less than 6 blog posts in December 2011
  • 40% of agencies tweeted fewer than 10 times in December 2011
  • 1 of the agencies doesn’t even offer SEO – something amiss with Econsultancy’s directory?

As a client or potential client, do you care that the agency is telling you to do something they are not doing?

Current state of UK SEO Agencies

Lea Pachta

Lea Pachta