With the rise of image and video-led social share sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube and Vimeo, it’s not hard to see that the web is becoming more and more visually orientated.

This week, Shutterstock, the stock image and video site unveiled the 2014 Edition of their Global Design Trends infographic.  So, what can we expect to see trending this year among design-led media?

The ever growing popularity of retro editing apps suggests Instagram style of photography is here to stay as Shutterstock reports searches for filtered images soared a huge of 661% in 2013. However, visual authenticity will need to be key on social mediums like Instagram, with users wanting more candid imagery and emotional vulnerability from brands.

Web designers are favoring a minimalist design interface, shifting from a skeuomorphic design to a clean two-dimensional flat design. We’ve seen this interface led by Windows 8, known to be both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

User favorability theme continues as fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are out, whilst handwritten style typography becomes increasingly popular on share sites like Pinterest.

Country-specific design preferences are stepping into focus, actioning a call for design-led research within demographic segmentation, something to keep in mind for global and local marketing campaigns.

Visual storytellers are not only using more imagery but budding video enthusiasts and professionals alike are experimenting with new image capture technology: 4K, to deliver engaging video content. Popular video topics include educational, 3D renderings, transportation and cityscapes. Whilst in imagery, we are seeing more travel images, exciting photography and quoted inspirations.

So, what search terms remain popular in image and video? Shutterstock has noted searches with the largest YoY growth include “Gatsby”, following the cinematic presence and tech based searches “3D Printing” and “BOYD” (“Bring your own device”) grew 583% and 407%, respectively.

2014 Shutterstock Infographic ENGLISH