Today we launch a new clean design for Fourth Source.

It’s been fours years since I launched Fourth Source as my personal blog, it has transitioned into a growing digital marketing news and opinion website. The journey has been amazing.

The digital marketing landscape is changing faster than ever, we are having to constantly re-design to stay current.

We have overhauled the entire website to be designed for our audience today.

Over the past few months the guys at Awesem (a special thanks to Gavin and Olaf) have been working hard to help me create a website that I believe works for our audience.

The core focus for the redesign was:

  • Content focus
  • Mobile
  • Speed

Content Focus

Content is key for us, you come here to read, absorb and learn. We wanted to make that experience better and make it the core focus.

We have de-cluttered throughout the website to provide a distraction free experience. We have increased the amount of white space to improve readability.

We are fortunate to have great content, this comes expert practitioners from across the industry. To date we have received contributions from nearly 500 individuals, a figure that surprised myself.

These authors are now displayed more prominently at the top of the article.


‘There are more mobile than toilets globally’ United Nations.

Thanks to Chris Minas, MD of Nimbletank,  for bring that to my attention at the recent Adobe Summit.

A responsive website was well overdue for us. We have seen our mobile traffic continue to increase over the past few years, no doubt this trend will continue.

Delivery of content from both a speed and UX point of view was key for us.


Web users have become increasingly impatient with slow loading websites. Amazon studies showed for every 1s increased in page load time, they lost 1% of revenue.

We wanted to make sure our new website was loading as fast as possible across all devices.

We have also moved our hosting across to WP Engine, they offer managed hosting for WordPress, we hope this will help with the speed.

We have some exciting plans in the pipeline.

There may be some small issues we need to iron out, so please bear with us.

I hope you enjoy the new website.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Sandeep Vadgama

Sandeep Vadgama


Editor of Fourth Source and freelance SEO/Digital Marketer based in London.