Microsoft is pitting itself against iTunes and Google Play with the rumoured upcoming launch of its Movies & TV streaming app on Android and iOS. The app is currently only available on Xbox consoles, PCs with Windows 10, and devices running Windows 10 Mobile.

Consumers are turning more and more to streaming services for entertainment, but there is still some content that can’t be found on these platforms, and insiders say that Microsoft is targeting those consumers who are looking for content that isn’t available on services like Netflix. The Microsoft Store’s collection of TV shows and films is known for having a great selection of programming that can’t be found on the major streaming services.

The move is part of Microsoft’s renewed focus on developing its best Windows 10 apps for Android and iOS following the announcement last fall that Windows 10 Mobile is effectively dead. While Microsoft will continue to support it with security updates and bug fixes, they conceded that they were no longer focused on building new hardware and features for Windows 10 Mobile.

They’ve already been promoting apps like Microsoft Launcher, which allows users to customise their phones, and their web browser, Edge. They also made it possible via their Fall Creators Update to link Android or iOS phones to a Windows 10 PC to start browsing online on one device and then pick up where you left off on a different device.

New app would allow users to watch programmes across various devices

This new version of the Movies & TV app could offer similar functionality, allowing users to start watching a programme on a PC and then continue it on their phone on the go. Experts believe the new offering could fare well on iTunes in particular as it was one of the unavailable apps that people searched for the most prior to its debut in the Microsoft Windows Store in April.

Microsoft reassured customers last year that it was still committed to the video content app, even as it disbanded its struggling music streaming service after it failed to make a name for itself among stalwarts like Apple Music and Spotify.

Insiders report that it is still a work in progress, so users shouldn’t expect it to be available very soon. Microsoft also has a new smart speaker in the works equipped with its AI personal assistant, Cortana, in hopes of competing with similar popular products from Amazon, Google and Apple.

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.