Mobile and tablet traffic to performance marketing channels is now 22% and sales are 18%, according to a new whitepaper.

The whitepaper is the third in the series from performance marketing network, Affiliate Window. M-commerce: The Complete Picture looks at mobile marketing within the performance channel.

Affiliate Window analysed the affiliate marketing campaigns of 1,400 retailers in sectors including retail, travel, telecoms, utilities and finance.

When Affiliate Window launched their first edition of the whitepaper in 2011, they were recording mobile and tablets traffic levels of just 3.5% and sales of just 5%.

In just two and half years, this has increased to 22% traffic and 18% sales.

This increase can be attributed to the increase in the efforts from brands to adopt or improve their mobile offerings.

However they are still lagging, a recent report by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that whilst 74% of the top 50 UK retailers have a smartphone friendly website, only 8% of those have a tablet optimised website.

As expected, advertisers with mobile and tablet optimised websites are seeing a better conversion rates than those without. For example in the gifts sector, advertisers with a mobile optimised website are converting sales at 5.3% compared to the advertiser without a mobile optimised website who converts just 1.3%.

Advertisers have also made an effort to improve the tracking of their mobile affiliate sales. Affiliate Window saw 91% of their advertisers implementing effective mobile tracking up from 85% in 2011.

With all the recent talk of the demise of the High Street, it is good to see retailers innovating to embrace the threat of the mobile consumer. For example, to combat ‘showrooming’ – buying in-store products cheaper online, retailers are offering wi-fi and offering a price match service.

Clearly those advertisers who are investing in their mobile offerings are reaping the rewards.

Lea Pachta

Lea Pachta