We caught up with Emma Gannon, the writer and social media strategist behind the ‘Girl Lost In The City’ blog, to talk about personal branding through the internet. Episode 3 of the ‘Social Media Week: London Highlights’ series, in partnership with Smart Social Videos.

We speak to Emma Gannon, about personal branding, during the ‘Content Creation Collective: Secrets behind social content’ event hosted by Quad at the HMS President.

Her key points were to remember that you are a brand, every individual has something to offer, they need to build a place where they can direct people to it.

Its a saturated market, everyone is doing the same thing, so you really need to think about where your going to direct people to, what content you are going to push out and how you are going to do that.

Her one tip from Social Media Week is stop putting off that thing you want to, be it starting a blog, updating your LinkedIn, getting active on Twitter, go for it, social media is ongoing but you need to start now!

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Lea Pachta

Lea Pachta