The Guardian tops a list of UK news publishers in delivering the best mobile news experience.

The Guardian Mobile screenshotDigital marketing solutions provider, EPiServer, surveyed 1,000 UK smartphone and tablet owners to establish their demands and expectations from mobile news websites.

These elements included speed, functionality, sociability and ease of use. This was used as a benchmark to analyse 12 of the top UK news publishers.

The Guardian scored 87%, followed by i and the Independent, both scoring 82%. The Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Times do not have a mobile optimised website, scoring less than 50%.

Scores of the top ten UK news publishers
1 The Guardian 87%
=2 The Independent, I 82%
4 Daily Record 80%
5 Daily Telegraph 79%
6 Daily Mirror 78%
7 The Sun 64%
8 Daily Mail 49%
9 Daily Express 47%
10 The Times 47%

The Guardian providing impressively fast browsing, easy to locate stories with clear headlines and GuardianWitness, an innovative citizen journalism app for iPhone and Android.

“Top performer The Guardian is an inspiring example of how publishers can enhance their digital strategies to deliver an engaging experience across multiple channels and devices” comments Maria Wasing, VP of Global Marketing, EPiServer.

Mobile news

Consumer behaviour suggests now is a crucial time for publishers to refine their mobile offerings. Almost half (47%) of smartphone and tablet users primarily turn to mobile to keep up with the headlines. Mobile is also the preferred method of consuming news for 42%, ahead of print (19%) and desktop websites (23%).

Lea Pachta

Lea Pachta