The John Lewis Man on the Moon advert, was NOT the most popular Christmas ad according to Realeyes’ annual Christmas study, which measures how people feel while they watch ads by tracking their facial expressions.

most engaging xmas ads 2015

Instead the Harvey Nichols ‘Avoid Gift Face’ advert was the most engaging Christmas ad. The ad features a women’s facial expression as receives cringe worthy unwanted gifts, let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

The Kwik Fit ‘Santa Surprise’ was the second most engaging Christmas ad. The research looked at 1,500 people’s facial expressions recorder via webcam to determine their emotional reactions.

“John Lewis remains the undisputed champion for publicity and hype but in terms of connecting emotionally with consumers, many brands outdid them this year,” explains Realeyes’ CEO Mihkel Jäätma.

Last year John Lewis came number one in the study, however this year consumers have been unable to relate to the ad.

“John Lewis’ ads have become increasingly out of this world and fantasy-based, consequently, they’re becoming harder to identify with. We’re seeing a move away from the kind of heavy-handed emotional approach. Harvey Nichols, Kwik Fit and Currys did brilliantly because it was about situations we’ve all been in – putting a brave face on disappointing gifts or seeing children’s reactions on meeting Santa.”

The Harvey Nichols’ 2013 Christmas ad, “Sorry, I spent it on myself” remains the most engaging festive ad ever. It scored in the top 3% of ads ever measured by Realeyes.

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.