This is THE book on ad serving technology. Just shy of 600 pages, it is a fully comprehensive guide to the online advertising world.

Online advertising is an extremely complex subject but Gregory does a great job breaking it down and making it accessible.

The book covers the online advertising campaign management work flow and builds concepts up from there. Starting with background information covering the key stakeholders involved, moving on to campaign set up and management, through to reporting and optimisation.

Each section is thoroughly explained, going into detailed topics such as attribution modelling, mobile and video advertising, advanced aggregated reporting.

It comes as no surprise this book is being adopted as a handbook for new starters working with Advertising technology.

I suspect this is a book they will constantly go back to as and use a reference to fill or enhance their digital advertising knowledge gap.

“I wrote a book about ad serving for one reason: there are not enough educational resources about Digital Marketing, Online Advertising and third party ad serving to satisfy any of its stakeholders” Gregory Cristal.

Gregory Cristal is an expert consultant in third party ad serving, cross channel ad delivery (including TV) and tracking technologies, working in the industry of digital advertising since 2004.

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Sandeep Vadgama

Sandeep Vadgama


Editor of Fourth Source and freelance SEO/Digital Marketer based in London.