Ryan Van Fleet, Director of Insights and Analytics at Tremor Media talks about the importance of using research and data when assessing the effectiveness of online video advertising. Watch the video below.

Highlight from the video:

What data is important for online video advertising

“Research and data are very important for online video, the industry has only been around for a few years so its necessary to prove its worth, compared to other media such as a television or radio that have been around for almost a hundred years or so, you have to prove why they need to explore into online video and what works for online video, advertisers know what works for TV, its been around they have models that have been tested throughout the years, so its really important to show that online video can really fit into the media-mix model and really drive success for an advertiser…”

What metrics you should focus on with online video advertising

“The metrics brands really should focus on for online video are engagement metrics and awareness metrics and intent metrics, so not so much as click-through metrics or getting people to the site, but more so engagement rates with the ad, time spent with the ad, how much times user are watching it, what are the different engagements that a viewer is taking, are they watching additional videos, are they playing the game, did the advertisement drive them to make a purchase in the store, so basically combining those metrics instead of focusing on did this ad get the viewer to the site. Its more about how much time is this person spending with the ad and are they really engaging with my brand.”

What formats work best for online video advertising

“Formats that really work best for online video are formats that allow a viewer to interact with the brand. So its basically delivering the sight, sound and motion through the video and allowing them to get additional information about the brand, whether it be through additional videos, photographs or how to video, viewers can engage with the ad, get more information and spend more time with the brand, which is something you can’t do via TV or radio or print advertisement…”