Facebook is fast becoming the most powerful social media for online marketing. With over 35 million active users throughout the world, it has grown from a simple college-photo-sharing website into a huge advertising and networking giant that it is today. With all the handy tools and applications that the social media has in store for users, internet marketers and businesses can tap into this golden opportunity to promote and market their businesses and websites to the largest target audience ever known to marketers.

It is a very potential platform for generating revenue through Groups, Fan Pages, Events, among many others. This lucrative potential is just too strong to ignore because Facebook has become part and parcel of life today.

But marketing on Facebook can be a very daunting task especially to a beginner. This is because Facebook is a very dynamic platform that keeps changing its structure, layout, rules, and features to cater to the growing demands of its users. However, you can customize your own marketing campaign to boost your online marketing campaign. Here are some indispensable Facebook marketing tips you can take advantage of.

  • First and foremost, you will need to create a Fan page and customize it for your business or brand. Once the page is up and running, you can then utilize the below-mentioned techniques and watch your marketing campaign turn into a flourishing and expanding community of ‘thirsty’ fans itching to get their hands on your products.

– The first technique would be to promote the fan page on other social networking sites such as twitter and my space.

– Keep the fan page as up-to-date as possible with new articles, photos, new videos, news clippings, blog posts etc. In other words, ‘update your status’ as regularly as you can.

– Launch promotions, polls, and contests to engage your current fans. This is a two way traffic because not only will you retain your current fan base, they will start to market you through word-of-mouth

  • Ensure you have Facebook on your main website by integrating social plugins such as ‘Fan Box’ or ‘Like Button’. By a single click of the mouse, a link to your latest blog or article will appear in the news feed of your fans’ Facebook accounts. This is a good way to not only grow traffic but also create a buzz about your Facebook.
  • Transform that fan page to become a lead page generator. A very useful application for this would be the ‘Static FBML’ which allows you to add as many iterations of the application as you wish in order to experiment on different lead-capture systems. This is an ideal way to call for more attention on exactly what you wish for your fans to see.

Start taking advantage of the power of Facebook and leverage it for your online business. Join the Facebook marketing bandwagon and start to get more exposure, more fans, and more support to grow and expand your business to exponential heights.