Good public relations or PR is one of the key factors in making a business successful. Whether the company may be a privately owned one or a franchised firm, you need to be on good terms with the community in order to prosper.  Companies are always trying to find ways to be part of the community and help in some ways. Some are known to sponsor local teams or host local tournaments. Others also hold festivals and bring famous bands into the neighbourhood. These simple yet meaningful actions are just some of the ways companies grow closer to the society.

Although companies have been doing this for decades, times have now changed. Social media is a big help in propagating information and improving the PR of the company. With the help of social media, people become more and more involved in the interaction and become more appreciative of the efforts of the company.

In order to prepare for your business’ event, prepare already a couple of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. These are the top 3 social media sites that can generate a lot of interest in your event. If possible, get a lot of staff online and have them talk about the event amongst themselves. When other people will see this, they will want to get in on the action and participate themselves. It would be best to have one main event page and have lots of sites and blogs pointing to that event. Retweeting posts also helps as it would be quicker and more direct.

It is important that you always have live feed before, after and during the event. It might help to get a local celebrity to talk about the event beforehand. This will always spice things up and garner more attention for that event. The interview should be posted on Youtube and you can start capitalizing on this.

Share the post on Facebook and Twitter and have as many people retweet it and share it once more on their accounts. This ensures maximum visibility to the event. Social media is not all about these 3 sites though. There are also lots of social networking sites, journal sites, blogging sites and others that can help you out.

Another good social media tip is to host a simple contest if you have enough funds. People are more intrigued if there is a prize up for grabs. They will also show more interest in the event and even exert more effort to make it successful. Typical contests include blogging contests, which score people according to how much they share the event with their friends and across various social media.