A great marketing tool that most online marketers today overlook is Facebook, a social networking site that is taking the WWW by storm. There is no one at this day and age who doesn’t know what Facebook is but for the risk of oversimplifying things, Facebook is a social networking website that allows its members to interact, connect, share information, and communicate. It is a very user-friendly platform where people from all over the world meet. It is currently one of the leading social networks that boast over 35 million active users and counting.

Not only is Facebook used as social platform to share and communicate with loved ones, today online marketers are taking advantage of the platform to advertise and promote their services and products to the largest audience in the world.  You can use it to build customer support, build important business contacts, and push your online business to new heights that it has never attained before. By interacting with people at a social environment, you can create deep interactions that would heighten and improve your company’s reputation.

The best thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can be able to keep your ‘friends’ (read target audience) updated on a regular basis each time you have something new to offer. This is made possible by the real-time ‘status update’ provision. Everyone on your friend’s list will see the update immediately you post it. Plus, your ‘friends’ are automatically updated each time you make changes on your profile. You can take advantage of this instantaneous appraisal process to share company information, sales info, or new product releases.

The other thing about Facebook and marketing is the provision of creating as many photo albums as you deem enough. You see you can create albums with photos of your products, and choose the ones to use as your profile picture. Needless to mention, a profile picture is visible to anyone on your friend’s list, and sometimes even the friends on your friend’s list.

Initially associated with college kids owing to its founder, you shouldn’t underestimate the power that Facebook has when it comes to marketing. You have much more leeway on Facebook than on any other social platform to post such things as eBooks, audios, videos and links to some of your amazing products and services. Just like your status update, when you post a link or upload a video on Facebook, you get to reach as many people as they are on your friend’s list. This therefore makes it a great tool to utilize to expand your business.