Are you planning to develop your own mobile app and you are worried about the competition in the industry? Here are a few helpful tips. Your android app must have certain qualities to be successful. Virtually all the successful android apps today have these qualities.

Without further ado, here are the necessary qualities all successful apps have.

They are simple to use

They may be complex from backend, they are very simple to end users. One thing is very clear. If your app is very simple to use, users will have no reason to look for a similar app that is easier to use. You should design your app in such a way that even kids can understand it easily.

One way to do this is by carrying potential users along through surveys. What is simple for you to understand may be difficult for some casual user to understand. For instance, it is a common practice to represent the “delete” command with a trash can icon. However, not everyone understands this. So, you must label all the icons. You must label the delete command. Never assume that anyone who sees the trash will automatically understand that it stands for “delete.

Some app developers actually subject their android app to simplicity and usability test but they give it to the wrong set of testers. They usually give their app to testers who are already tech-savvy. Unfortunately, what is simple to most of them may not be simple to ordinary users with non-technical background. This is why some tested apps still fail after launch.

They support both iOS and android

The two major platforms for mobile devices are iOS and android. Your app should support both of them. There are two ways to achieve this. You can either develop and iOS version and android version separately. That way, potential users can download the version that is meant for their device. You can also develop a single version that is compatible with both iOS and android at the same time.

Windows is the third but less popular mobile device platform. It is commonly used by Nokia Lumia devices. A lot of app developers do not care about this platform because they feel the number of people using Windows smartphones is quite negligible. However, there is nothing wrong in developing an app that works with the three platforms. It will be a plus for your app.

Fast loading and quick response

The standard in the app development world has become so high. Users hate to be kept waiting so your app should never keep users waiting from the point of download. This simply means your app should be easy and fast to download, it should launch quickly and most importantly, it should also be highly responsive with very low crash rate.

This is why you must test it on a wide variety of devices. Your app may be great on a particular kind of device and it could also perform badly on another device. So, you should test it on several devices.


This is not just an option. It is a necessity. You are legally obliged to protect the data of the users of your app. You should expend extra effort to ensure this. Data breach is a serious crime in the United States and other countries and even the victims will not take it lightly. The unfortunate truth is that one single lawsuit could render you bankrupt.

So you must be sure that users’ data is not only safe but continuously safe. To underscore the importance of data security, consider what Facebook is facing on the issue of Cambridge Analytical scandal.

Great apps work offline

Users do not like the idea of parting with mobile data each time they want to use an app. You should ensure that your app works offline too. If its functions require internet, then at least there should be a few functions that work offline if all of them cannot. People use apps that work offline more often. Even Facebook has realized that and that is why it launched an offline mode.

Regular update is necessary

No matter how great your app may be, there will always be room for improvement. So, you should continue to seek feedback from users on how to improve their experience. Continue to act on the feedback in your updates. Apart from improved user experience, there is another major advantage. Regular improvement makes it difficult for a new app to emerge within your niche and outpace your app just like how WhatsApp came from the back to sideline BBM.

You know some new developers will check your app and figure out its drawbacks. They will now take care of the feedback in their new app and this may pull users away from your app. Besides, your app should be updated with fixes and new features.

Simplify means of contact and feedback

Make it very easy for the users of your app to reach you. Your app should have a feedback button where a user can just tap to send a feedback. You may also make your phone number a tap-to-call link. That way, a user will just tap on your number and a call is initiated. When it is easy to reach you, more users will give you feedback.

In addition, you should also have a presence on social media because you can also get feedback from there. You must be open-minded because some feedback will come as criticisms and others may come as plain insults. Learn to look beyond the insult to get the issue. Use every negative feedback as an opportunity to promote all the features of your app.

Personalization is important

Leave certain features open for users setting. Users like being able to customize the look and feel of every app. For instance, you may give users the liberty to change the background image of your app on their phone to whatever they like. Every user wants to be as unique as possible.

Optimize your app

No matter how great your app is, you need to promote it to be seen because there are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps on the net already and the app development industry is not resting on its oars. More apps are still being developed. So, it is no longer enough to launch your app. You must also optimize it for app stores and search engines.

Kenneth Evans

Kenneth Evans


Kenneth Evans, Content Marketing Strategist at App Development Companies