What is it

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service provider. They offer hosting which is specifically optimised to get the best out of your WordPress website.

Why managed WordPress hosting

If you don’t have the experience of managing your own server, or the luxury of hiring someone to manage a server, managed WordPress hosting offers a viable alternative.

Why WP Engine (My WP Engine Review)

I have been with WP Engine for 1 year now and to date I have not had any significant issues.

Staging Area

One of the features I love about WP Engine is the staging area. This creates an exact copy of your website so you can make changes, update plugins, test things before you apply them on your live website.

If you keep having to make changes or test out new features on your blog, this saves you the pain of things going wrong on your live website. You can also copy from live to staging and staging to live in one click.

With the amount of WordPress and plugin updates that occur this is a handy feature to have at your disposal.


WP Engine offer live chat as well as 24/7 support. The very few times I have required support, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently. WP Engine has recently opened their first office in London, backed with a $23m European exapansion plan.

1 Click Restore

Wp Engine create daily backups of your website. Due to the great security WP Engine offers I have only had to do this once, which was due to my own error. The ‘1 click restore’ restored my website exactly how it was the day before without the error. In addition you can also make backups on demand. If you are unsure of a plugin even after testing it on your staging area you can create a backup just before installing the plugin, should you need to restore it.

In any case WP Engine offers a handy prompt to make a backup before updating any plugins.


When you run a successful blog and it grows naturally you attract more people trying to hack your website. Fortunately a plugin combined with WP Engine’s security Fourth Source has not been hacked. This is despite nearly 20,000 hack and spam attempts over the course of one year. WP Engine regularly automatically apply security patches and updates.


Having a fast website is important for your users as well as Google. Website speed is a ranking factor for Google and so having a fast website was crucial. WP Engine’s hosting has decreased the load time significantly.


WP Engines personal plans start from $29 per month through to $3200 for enterprise level.

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I have read some reviews of negative experiences with Wp Engine, however my own experience has been pleasant and the service has been amazing. I have no hesitations in recommending it.

Sandeep Vadgama

Sandeep Vadgama


Editor at Fourth Source and Tech Enthusiast!