We definitely live in a digital era. Technology nowadays is evolving faster than ever before and we cannot imagine life without it anymore. Wherever we go we are surrounded by it and many new jobs emerged due to the advances in technology. Digital marketing is a relatively new area and jobs connected to it are becoming more and more popular and demanded from employers. We have examined some of the reasons why students should consider pursuing a career in digital marketing.

1. High demand: Almost every business has already recognised the importance of being present online meaning there are new digital marketing jobs created every day. Since the demand for digital marketing specialists is so high it might happen that it will soon even exceed the supply. By focusing on this area you will definitely not have any problems with finding a job. In fact, you can even be picky about which one to choose.

2. Many areas to focus on: Digital marketing is very broad and it allows you to focus on the area which you find particularly interesting and for which you have the best skills. If you have always been good with numbers and data you might want to focus on analytical part of digital marketing, while social media marketing might be the best for you if you are a creative person and always have fresh ideas of how to promote a product or a service.

3. Data collection is gaining its importance: It has always been important for businesses to gather data and evaluate their performance, but with digital marketing and the advancement of technology this task is getting more and more important and easier to execute. This means that companies have more need for this task which results in increase of the offered job positions in this area.

4. Be responsible for your own career: For many other professions and careers you need various training or special courses, but with digital marketing there is a lot you can do on your own. There are many tutorials you can watch or guides you can read which will help you educate yourself a bit more on what digital marketing really is and what is crucial to know if you want to start your career in it.

5. High salary: Although your wage will depend on your education, experience and of course the location of the job, it is believed that digital marketing jobs are paid very well. Companies know how important it is to have a specialist in digital marketing and are therefore willing to pay more for this kind of knowledge.

6. Digital marketing will continue to advance: Since technology is evolving extremely fast, it is also to be expected that digital marketing will continue to grow along with it. Already now it is believed that if you are not online you do not really exist and in the future this is only going to deepen. This means that there will be new areas and tasks added to digital marketing all the time which will make your career exciting and it will not turn into a boring routine.

If you are a student considering a career in digital marketing you might also think about adding some international experience to your CV. Employers really value experience from abroad and the good thing is that jobs and internships in digital marketing are available everywhere in the world. Therefore, you do not need to stay at home to pursue your career in this field but can do it anywhere you want. If you decide to go abroad for your job or internship, you will for sure need a place to stay. In this case, consider HousingAnywhere.com, an international housing platform where you can rent your new room or apartment abroad.

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.