Marcko Media

Couponing site see 121% lift in activation using Silverpop’s Programs functionality


Markco Media is a global web-based marketing and advertising company that operates the UK’s number one voucher and deals network. Their global portfolio of high traffic websites include in the UK and in the US.

Business Challenges

Realizing that issues with deliverability were hampering its success led Marcko Media to look for a new email service provider.  “Our site is in rapid growth mode with 8-10M unique views to our website every month.  Email is an integral part of our strategy, and it was imperative that we get into our subscriber’s inbox to help drive traffic to our site and increase conversion,” said Simone Vincent, email marketing manager,


There was a renewed focus on the’s email program after selecting Silverpop Engage as its email service provider and hiring a new email marketing manager to put together a strategic plan. Marcko Media’s email marketing manager, Simone Vincent, worked closely with Silverpop’s account management team to understand how she could take best advantage of Silverpop Engage to make their program as dynamic as possible.

“We completely overhauled our email program which included a full redesign of creative, implementation of a double opt-in system, and a focus on how we could better engage subscribers based upon their behavior,” says Vincent.

Today,’s program includes:

  • Weekly promotional emails to subscribers focused on:
    • top company offers based upon subscriber preference
    • top trends  – a content-based email written from a very personal perspective
    • third party emails that drive advertising revenue
  • Welcome/Activation program – a three-part series focused on welcoming new customers and improving their likelihood of activation
  • Re-engagement program – an personalized email series sent to customers that haven’t interacted open an email within the past three month

For its Welcome Program, Vincent uses Silverpop’s Programs feature to create a multi-email series welcoming new subscribers to the program and then sending them reminders if they do not activate via double opt-in within a specified period of time. “Implementing a double opt-in is best practice but we are also at risk of customers never completing their sign-up process.  With Programs, we are able to easily automate the process and realize a significant uplift in terms of an increase in subscribers completing the sign up process,” says Vincent.

For its Re-engagement program, Vincent targets dormant subscribers with personalized content using Silverpop’s Dynamic Content functionality. “If we can get dormant subscribers to open their emails again, they will realize the value of the brand.  By speaking to them in a personalized one-to-one style and incorporating subscriber preferences, we are increasing the likelihood of re-engagement,” says Vincent.

Benefits’s program focuses on the entire customer lifecycle that includes welcoming new customers, nurturing them and, winning back inactive subscribers. With a focus on monetizing its email program based up subscriber behavior, has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • 121% lift in activation through welcome campaign three-part reminder series
  • 20% of its dormant subscribers reactivated through re-engagement program
  •  17% increase in open rates using Send Time Optimization feature

“The biggest benefit with our email program is that our results are measurable and therefore it is transparent where we need to focus our efforts,” says Vincent. “We are very happy that our open rates improved by 17% by using Send Time Optimization.  This is a feature our merchants really like and implementing it is as easy as clicking on a box,” says Vincent.