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ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media empowers brands to click with the people. We execute sophisticated, flexible display strategies on a massive scale and we consistently deliver the maximum value to digital advertisers.

We’ve been at the cutting edge of performance marketing since 1998 and we’re part ValueClick Inc, a world leader in performance marketing.

Three things power our pioneering approach to performance marketing:

  • Our publisher network: Built with a focus on quality, our publisher network reaches almost 80% of UK internet users
  • Our proprietary technology: Enables brands to identify and reach audiences in real-time, connecting brands to the right consumers in the most cost effective way possible whether that’s through DSPs, Exchanges or our own display network.
  • Experts who deliver: Our teams bring to bear all the trading opportunities available to deliver campaigns with real clout and we do it with first class client service
  • Innovation: we’re always keeping an eye on the market to see where it’s heading and how consumer behaviour is changing.  With the advent of tablets and rise of smartphones our most recent expansion is into mobile where we provide world leading mobile advertising opportunities powered by Greystripe

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Service Areas

Database Marketing, Cross-channel Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Analytics