We receive a lot of PR enquiries, so we thought we would share some guidelines saving us both time.

Byline articles/blog posts

We do accept byline articles and blog posts, these must be relevant to digital media marketing (of course!).

It should be aimed at a savvy marketing audience, find out more about who will be reading.

The article should be:

  • Valuable content, it could be a how to guide. top tips, insight, takeaway or just awesome advice (See our most popular article!)
  • Article should be original (we like creative!)
  • A minimum word count of 800
  • Write for the web, we prefer short paragraphs and sub headings where possible
  • We only allow links in the content to points of reference which support your article
  • We are not a glorified link farm, do not try and write just for a link, we can tell the difference between the ‘copy-written’ content vs good quality passionate writing
  • Your article may be edited to match our house style, we may also edit the title
  • Please include “Content Offer:” at the beginning of your email subject line.

We reserve the right not to publish the final article, even after the initial idea/pitch was agreed.

News and Press Releases

We do not publish press releases, we may use them to form a news story, it goes without saying these must relevant to digital marketers, feel free to send them over for our information.

In our news stories, we focus on the industry not individual companies, covering industry trends, developments, insights, research findings and event highlights (if we attended).

We do not cover appointments, pitch/client wins, new product/services. We do cover campaigns if they are innovative and digital media orientated, we also cover post-campaign case studies if there is a clear takeaway(s).

If you are sending us research/report findings, please, please, please attach the original report! 

Please send enquiries to editor@fourthsource.com

Our inbox gets full up quickly, whilst we try to reply to every single email, it is not always possible, so please accept our apologies if you do not hear back from us.