We’re all going through a particularly trying time at the moment, as the coronavirus is taking its toll on everything from people’s physical and mental health, to the economy and our job stability. So, if you’re a business owner who’s trying to keep their company afloat, you might be struggling to work out how you can continue marketing your business without appearing insensitive or ignorant towards the issue at hand.

One of the ways you can remind people that your company still exists is by making a real effort to spread positivity with your platforms. Not only will this keep your business in people’s minds so they’ll be more likely to spend their money with you now (or when you’re back up and running), but it could also help them through this crisis. But, how should you go about it? Here, I’m going to share my top tips for spreading positivity with your marketing during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’ve been able to help, make sure your customers know

If there’s a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that it’s brought out the best in people and businesses. It’s times like this that we’re all reminded what’s important and, although there’s a lot of sadness in the world at the moment, it’s nice to see people come together in an effort to make things slightly easier.

Among the barrage of bad news that we’re seeing every day, there have been some uplifting stories. And, if your company is doing something positive, the public will definitely want to hear about it. For example, the current climate has given businesses the opportunity to show how valued their staff are, and some have also used their resources and skills to help those on the frontline.

Some retailers, like Home Bargains, who are supporting their staff with a £30m fund, and Timpsons, who are providing their workers with full pay for as long as their shops are closed, have received an outpouring of support. And there are also companies, such as Barbour and Louis Vuitton, who have turned their hand to making personal protective equipment for healthcare staff.

People will remember how you reacted to this crisis when this is all over, so doing what you can is sure to benefit your business, as well as the people you help.

Give your customers one less thing to worry about

Very few businesses have been left unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak, so it’s likely you’ve had to adapt the way yours is operating. And this might have left your customers with some questions. For example, if you own an online retailer, people will want to know how long their orders will take to arrive, and they might also be concerned about what precautions you’re taking to keep your warehouse and delivery staff safe. Or, if you have a bricks and mortar store, they’ll want to know whether your opening hours have changed, how you’re helping people to follow the guidelines around social distancing, or whether you’ve had to close for the time being.

While your customers are likely to have bigger problems on their plate, it’s important that you give them once less thing to worry about by ensuring all of the information they might need is easy to find. You can use all the tools you have, such as your social media accounts, mailing list, Google My Business listing, and website, to keep your customers up to date with any changes you make to the way your business is operating. It’s also worth noting that, if one person contacts you with a particular question, it’s likely others have the same query, so it’s a good idea to answer any questions you receive publicly as well as privately. Keeping your customers informed is more important than ever.

Offer rewards to keep your customers’ spirits up

A lot of your customers are going to be stuck at home at the moment, and many of them might resort to a bit of retail therapy to keep their spirits up. So, why not offer them a few perks to help them out?

While flash sales, discount codes, and free delivery won’t save the world, promotions like this can help to make your customers’ days a little brighter. Most people understand that businesses still have overheads to pay and employees to support, so just ensure that you’re sensitive to what’s going on at the moment, and people shouldn’t begrudge you offering promotions during this trying time.

If you want to spread more positivity, you could even donate a percentage of your proceeds to a charity that’s helping to fight the battle against the virus.

There’s no rule book on how businesses should respond to the coronavirus pandemic, but spreading positivity with your marketing will have a whole host of benefits. Not only will it help your customers to weather this storm, but it will also remind them that your business exists, so they’ll be more likely to spend money on your good or services now or when things start to return to normal.

Jonathan Birch

Jonathan Birch


Jonathan Birch is Creative Director at the SEO and digital marketing agency Glass Digital.