Online video has become an increasingly important marketing tool, not least because it offers the ability to engage with the consumer to a greater extent than was previously possible. In the coming years, the trend for online video is set to explode, with a new report from Cisco citing that IP video will account for 79% of all Internet traffic by 2018. Of course, this will be coupled with increased fixed broadband speeds and an increase in networked devices globally.

However, the explosion in online video also brings with it some challenges for the internal organisation, in particular how to ‘get them out the door’, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Organise your content

As video becomes more and more important, this also means companies are producing many more videos than before. Keeping their digital assets well-catalogued will be just as important for internal organisation purposes as it will for getting the right videos out there and discoverable by the right people.

Edit your videos smarter

Of course, it is not simply a question of creating the videos and sticking them on the web. Each video needs to be reviewed, edited, and approved before being published, often in a short space of time, and often by several team members. Needless to say, if you have a large team, that can be very difficult.

Getting those videos edited, approved, and published quickly is therefore often an enormous task, especially if you are getting video content out ahead of an important launch or milestone. Being able to publish videos quickly can also make a big difference for the brand generally, in terms of how often it can engage with its audience.

It is clear that the editing process needs to get smarter. Being able to share instantly with your colleagues so they can review and approve videos, or make edits, will significantly speed the process up.

Getting the words right

It is clear that attaching the right keywords to your video is even more important than for other types of content. It is also much more time-consuming, as it will generally involve someone within the organisation watching through the completed video, possibly several times, and picking out any relevant words to tag. Given that the same person has most probably watched the same video several times for different reasons, and quite possibly has a whole heap of videos to repeat the process on, the chances are that a number of relevant keywords could quite easily be overlooked.

The other problem with this process is of course that it is so time-consuming that it slows down the process of getting the videos out there, and may even reduce the number of videos you are able to release.

Improve SEO

In order to address the challenges of video content management, companies need to make effective use of tools that enable automated indexing and easy sharing within the platform, helping dialogue between team members, and speeding up the process from video creation to publishing.

Optimising search engine results should also not be forgotten. Find a tool that includes clever features for optimising search results, both for internal purposes and for search engines. By turning content within the video, including subtitles, speech, logos, and even faces, into time-based web video text tracks format (WebVTT-format), you can create an easily searchable text file associated to each video.

The potential for consumer engagement through video is huge, but for any company to manage it effectively, they first need to ensure the internal processes are efficient, getting as many videos as possible created, reviewed, edited, approved, and published in as short a time as possible.

It is clear that we are at a very exciting time for online video. If managed well, the opportunities for engagement with a huge global audience are endless. At Vidispine, we truly believe in the opportunities that new technology will bring to video management and publishing, and we look forward to being part of the rise in online video over the next few years.

Erik Ahlin

Erik Ahlin


Erik Ahlin is CEO, Vidispine.