growing your sales with pinterest

Facebook may be King of the social stratosphere at the moment but with over 70 million registered users, 500,000 of those which are business accounts, Pinterest is slowly stepping up to become the marketer’s platform of choice.

Already a bigger referrer than Twitter, this visual utopia is predicted to grab over 50% of e-commerce traffic within the next couple of years.

Since its launch in 2010, the Pinterest team have been adopting strategies not only to satisfy its users but they continue to make it effortless for brands to draw consumer attention to their products and services with the ease of product Pin enhancement, Rich Pins, Price Point and their most recent, Place Pins.

E-commerce Solutions provider Channel Advisor report that “Buyers referred by Pinterest are 10 per cent more likely to follow through with a purchase, compared with visitors from any other social networking site”.

How can e-commerce retailers get their products pinned and grow their sales at the same time? Channel Advisor suggests taking advantage of every possible feature that Pinterest offer.

For further insight on these features, you can download the full Whitepaper here.

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