Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks, Co-Founder of Vamp.

Aaron Brooks is the Co-Founder of Visual Amplifiers (VAMP), a successful digital startup which helps brands better connect with quality social influencers. Aaron launched VAMP in 2015 out of a desire to strengthen the relationship between brands and influencers, at a time when popularity began to supersede quality. Aaron is dedicated to educating clients on how to best leverage this channel of influencer marketing, and sharing the power of visual content to deliver strategic sales-driven campaigns for global brands. The Sydney-born entrepreneur has vast sales and technology experience, working across companies such as Huddle, Zuora and Oracle. Aaron is also Co-Founder of Dex, producer of the portable and environmentally-friendly standing desk. After dominating the influencer marketing space from Australia, Aaron launched VAMP’s Singapore and Hong Kong offices in December 2016 Dubai in January 2017 and London in August 2017. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia.