Andy Duck

Andy Duck, Head of Business Development at Barron McCann.

Andy Duck is Head of Business Development at Barron McCann, an independent IT service provider, specialising in secure installation and support of distributed IT systems. Barron McCann has over 39 years experience in the implementation, transition and support of IT assets across multiple platforms and environments. They boast an impressive portfolio of clients includes Wickes, Primark, TK Maxx, The Body Shop, CostCutter and Iceland. The duration of their relationships with those organisations is testimony to their ability to consistently deliver quality service. Barron McCann employs a team of over 270 engineers who are qualified to diagnose and fix retailers problems first time, on site, across the EU. Their network of over 27 Forward Stock Locations and 1,000 locked box locations ensure Barron McCann are able to position all parts in as little as 2 hours.