Bryan Melmed

Bryan Melmed, Vice President, Insights Services at Exponential

I explain consumer behaviour through data and research, unravelling why people make the decisions they do and the role that brands play in their lives. I develop marketing strategies that establish and deepen these relationships, adding value to each transaction and experience. I am judged not only by the quality of my recommendations, but also how effectively I convey difficult concepts and complex discoveries. My work is used to deepen relationships with existing customers, as an incentive for media business, and increasingly as an independent consultancy. At the same time, I manage a team of consultants staffed around the world. I have a solid background in business and marketing, coupled with deep expertise of digital media. I have been trained to apply statistics and econometrics to the social sciences, including estimation, regression, and sampling. I have experience managing teams, navigating a matrix organization, and working internationally. Empathy, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn have been essential to my success.