Gus Bartholomew

Gus Bartholomew, Co-founder, Supplycompass.

Gus is co-founder of Supplycompass, the design-to-delivery sourcing platform that simplifies and humanises the production process for both brands and manufacturers. Based in London and Mumbai, Supplycompass specialises in the fashion, interiors and accessories sectors. Gus and his co-founder, Flora Davidson, met at Bristol University in 2009 and subsequently spent two years living and working in India to build the foundations of the company in 2016-17. They worked directly with manufacturers and factories in India to ensure a unique grasp of this side of the business, before launching the platform in January 2018. Gus heads up the manufacturing side of the business in Europe and India, spending much of his time working on-site with the company’s factory partners. Gus also manages the tech development of the intuitive Supplycompass platform, which includes easy-to-use tech packs and seamless production management tools. With a master’s degree in civil engineering, Gus started his career as a project manager at Stace, overseeing large scale and complex construction projects, taking each one from inception to completion. Gus also has a postgraduate degree in surveying and is a qualified chartered surveyor (specialising in project management).