John Fleming

Marketing Director EMEA & APAC - Webtrends.

John Fleming runs the EMEA and APAC marketing organisation for Webtrends and is a seasoned multi-faceted marketing director. He is responsible for devising marketing strategies for the region, delivering marketing campaigns to generate revenue as well helping to develop the Webtrends vision. John is a technologist as well as a marketer, with a keen interest in understanding how new technologies can be used within marketing and how Webtrends can leverage these to help customers improve their bottom line. With over 15 years as a senior marketer, John has helped drive rapid and sustained growth whilst continuing to focus on increased return on marketing investment. Having spent half of his career in sales, he is very aware of the needs of the organisation for marketing to drive revenue and the demands this places on the marketing department. John has worked within large organisations such as Sun Microsystems, Motorola and 3M. During his time in the industry, John has seen marketing progress way beyond simply implementing advertising and PR campaigns. John understands that marketers need to be key leaders in a business. “Marketing has earned its seat on the board. Marketing is now a much more strategic role, which spans all areas of the business and helps drive overall business success.” John has written many white papers on the role of marketing and technology and has spoken at numerous high profile events.