Javier Camara

Javier Cámara Rica is the Co-founder of beBee.

Javier Cámara Rica is the founder of beBee which first started in 2014. Spotting a gap in the social media market, Javier wanted to create a network that unites personal and professional lives. Its goal is to connect individuals with common interests, and provide a platform where relevant content can be shared. As a result, the community will find professional opportunities can arise from these connections. Prior to beBee Javier co-founded Canalmail, an email marketing business which grew to Spain, Mexico and Portugal. In 2008, Canalmail was sold to a private equity firm in the USA for €60 million. Between 1996 and 2000, Javier worked as an IT Consultant & Project Manager for Oracle. His background lies predominantly in Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science having studied Computer Engineering in the University of Deusto.