Mark Ash

Mark Ash is Managing Director Teradata Interactive International.

With almost 13 years experience in the digital marketing sector, Mark has a rounded understanding of all things digital. Mark started his career in the hey-day of digital advertising at DoubleClick in 1999 where he worked for 6 years firstly in a technical consulting role and later in a strategic services role. At DoubleClick Mark developed his expertise in display advertising, web analytics and email marketing, where he formed and led the DoubleClick’s email campaign management team (later Epsilon) managing a variety of clients such as P&G, Dell, Nokia and Sainsbury’s amongst many others. Since then he has had spells working on the client side, managing the development of the consumer website for Virgin Media and web analytics integration for BT before building the digital media arm of media planning agency Tri-Direct. In recent times, Mark led the affiliate publishing & email media division at TMN Group. In addition Mark took on responsibility for product development at Affiliate Future, leading the re-development of the travel service product and was the brainchild behind the development of Paradigm Search.