Marc Schillaci

Marc Schillaci is CEO and Founder of Actinic (Part of the Oxatis Group)

Marc is an entrepreneur who started a “modern adventure” when he was only 19, creating the first worksite management software for PC, while he was a first-year engineering student. He is known for being the one of the masterminds behind the TGV French high-speed train lines, the Louvre's square court and pyramid, the Bastille opera. He went on to create and divest several software companies. In 1996 he moved to the USA with his family and started EBZ.COM, the first online commercial platform for VSB/SME, which he sold in 2001 to a Canadian group. In June 2001 he returned to France, where he settled in his hometown, Marseille, and where he started Actinic the following month. In 2009, he published a book «Successful online store» and was named Entrepreneur of the year. He founded and remains the CEO of Actinic, ecommerce solutions company for startups and SME’s. Actinic currently has offices in Marseille, Paris, London and Barcelona and its client base currently accounts for 10.500 e-sellers.