Marketing has gone through many stages in the last century. Most of those changes were influenced by whole new lines of products that needed to be advertised through completely new strategies and, of course, by the slow but steady market globalization process. As we look the marketing history, a couple of things easily catch our attention. One of them is the psychology of advertising, and the other are marketing mediums that have lasted more than one century.

Everything started back in 1895, when psychologist Harlow Gale sent a questionnaire to 200 businesses in Minnesota, asking them to fill the forms about their perspectives on advertising and their practices. Since then, a psychologist has always been a standard member of a marketing team in any agency worldwide. The main goal was to learn how people process ads from the time they see them until they have made a purchase of the article advertised.

When it comes to marketing mediums, it is interesting to take a look at the evolution of posters. Posters became a huge thing at the end of the 19th century. Since then, many companies used posters and banners to advertise their services and products. Outdoor advertising still remains very popular to this very day. Now, it took the form of billboards strategically placed throughout the city. Let’s explore the reasons that make outdoor hoarding important.

Establish Steady Growth:

One of the benefits of an effective marketing strategy is business growth and, therefore, increased revenue. Billboards present a unique marketing method that can directly impact your growth and provide you with results shortly after you place them around the city.

Outdoor hoarding is an excellent way to increase awareness about your services and products and market your brand. Attracting the consumer’s attention is a proven tactic that leads to generating more customers. On top of that, you will also catch the attention of your business competitors, which may result in new partnerships.

To be able to increase sales and establish steady growth, your ads have to influence the consumer to take the desired action. Billboards are perfect in this case, because they will remain publicly displayed 24/7 throughout various urban areas. This strategy will help your products or services be seen and it comes at a very affordable price. This price difference, in comparison to other advertising methods, is in some cases lower by a factor of ten or even twenty.

Increase Your Reach:

Another great thing about outdoor hoarding accessibility. In fact, billboards can be placed at any of the high-traffic areas or any other strategic area that you see fit for you marketing campaign. Unlike TV commercials or website banners, you won’t be taking chances with your target consumers seeing the ad. With billboards placed alongside high transit roads, rail stations, bus stops, metros and near big shopping centers, you will ensure that everyone sees your ad.

With the right combination of illumination, colors and size, your ad will reach many consumers. Billboard technology is still developing. There are certain advancements that increase the billboards’ ability to capture the viewer’s attention. Modern billboards contain 3-dimensional effects, computerized lighting, vinyl and computerized painting, digital and LED technology, and backlights. Knowing that our brains are wired so that we can work on autopilot 85% of the time, all these techy perks make billboards outstanding attention grabbing ads.

Send Your Message:

It is a fact that, when people are zoned into something specific, they become blind to anything else that surrounds them. At the moment, our lifestyle is majorly governed by speed and many tasks that need to be taken care during the day. With this in mind, outdoor hoarding is a great way to be there when people are doing “nothing” – commuting or waiting for transport. You will increase the chances of your ad being seen when it is displayed to people who aren’t doing something important.

Also, outdoor hoarding is very effective when it comes to communicating somewhat shorter messages or simple ideas or concepts to consumers. Keep it simple. A minimalistic design will ensure that you stay both relevant and contemporary. You can also use billboards to point out the location of your shop.

The results tell that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read something by an amazing 80%. Another result shows that, when people hear or read some information, they only remember 10% of that information three days later. But, when you pair the same information with a relevant image, people retain 65% of the information three days later.

Increase Awareness:

Billboards are also an outstanding, impactful medium and they are a standard method in any campaign that focuses on reinforcing the impact of a particular brand. If you are in a situation when you need to penetrate an oversaturated market with a lot of rivals that offer the same products or services, billboards are an excellent way to achieve this.

One of the key benefits of outdoor hoarding is its flexibility. Instead of focusing only on specific target consumers, you have the chance to target any area of your target demographics’ interest.

Outdoor hoarding is also a great way to generate buzz about your new product or service launch, if you place billboards that not only attract attention but inspire curiosity in consumers. Billboards should only contain short messages. And, short messages can be amazing marketing hooks that easily grab people’s attention and get them talking.

People like to talk about new things, and that’s why marketers use this to their own advantage. It is common to see a short phrase that conveys a business’s unique proposition, a catchy jingle, or an important benefit.

As you can see, there are many advantages of including outdoor hoarding in your marketing campaign. You will be able to reach many people and have them intrigued. In case you need to find out more about this topic, feel free to go online and read some of the many articles that cover it. You will also have the chance to find more about the psychology behind the modern age of commercials.

Sam Makad

Sam Makad


Sam Makad is marketing consultant and growth hacker