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Adobe has launched a series of new videos poking fun at digital marketers to promote their Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

The theme for their new videos is ‘Do you know what your marketing is doing?’, trying to highlight the need to really understand the data and marketing and not just making decisions on a whim or jumping on the bandwagon of the next ‘big platform’.

The video below titled ‘Click, Baby, Click’, is about a company that manufactures and sells encyclopaedias. Marketers are seen going to their manager/boss after seeing ‘clicks go off the charts’. The boss (let’s just call him boss) then calls his oversees factory to let them know ‘they are back (in business)’. The factory then produces tons of encyclopaedias and ship them over, all based on a large number of clicks.

Watch the video below to find out where those ‘off the charts’ clicks actually came from.

Adobe has produced two more similar videos. One is about jumping on the bandwagon of the next ‘hottest platform, while the other involves American Footballer Richard Sherman talking to a ‘social media guru’. You can watch them both here.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive set of marketing solutions.

Rather than use multiple external tools to manage various data in silos, the Adobe Marketing Cloud aims to bring this all together. This allows you to easily use multiple sets of data points to inform all your different marketing activities.

It brings together Analytics, social, media optimization, targeting, web experience management – and now cross-channel campaign management with Adobe Campaign.

Find out more the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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