If you’ve ever had to stand through a rail delay at Waterloo Station, you’ll understand why this campaign will be talked about in the coming days. Gordon’s Gin announces a new service that can turn those rail delays into either a half price or a free Gin & Tonic for commuters.

The service – called #YayDelay – uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor real-time train delays and tweets containing #YayDelay in order to unlock half price or free Gordon’s London Dry Gin & Tonic’s.

Free Gin and Tonic Waterloo

Launching on 2nd February, at one of London’s most delayed train stations, London Waterloo, Gordon’s plan to go live in other stations across the country throughout the year. Train customers should tweet #YayDelay throughout 2018 to lobby for their station to be included.

Gordons #YayDelay

Passengers can search on www.yaydelay.com to see if the volume of train delays and tweets triggers a free G&T. Vouchers can then be claimed online and redeemed at The Beer House* within the station, allowing commuters to enjoy a Gordon’s Gin and tonic.

The technology behind this campaign is delivered by Eagle Eye, a marketing tech company. It uses geo-data to respond to the real-time social media spikes that surge when delays happen, delivering mobile vouchers to commuters.

Keep up-to-date with #YayDelay via the official hashtag on Twitter as well.

*Drink vouchers will be redeemable at The Beer House (109 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8SW) situated within London Waterloo station.

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.