Underwater cities, flights into space and super skyscrapers are just some of the things we can expect to see in 100 years according to a new report by Samsung SmartThings.

These may sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but they have been put together by a team of leading academics including one of the UK’s leading space scientists – Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

The predictions of the future have been brought to life via detailed animated architectural renders which show a futuristic London skyline, see below.

Here are 5 things we can expect to see in future:

Super Skyscrapers

Carbon nanotubes and diamond nanothreads will help us create towering megastructures that will dwarf today’s skyscrapers. These will make the Shard look miniature in comparison.

Super Skyscrapers

Underwater Cities

According to the report we will not just build high up but also deep down and even underwater. Water will be used to create breathable atmospheres and hydrogen fuel will be generated through the process.

underwater city

Space Travel

With space travel technology like Virgin Galactic already being developed, this technology is likely to be perfected within 100 years. This will allow for high speed travel across the globe as well as into space. As we continue to use up more of the Earth’s resources, looking elsewhere will be inevitable.

space travel

Drone delivered holiday homes

As we travel around the world more frequently some people will have their own personal drones which will be strong enough to carry and transport entire holiday homes.

drone holiday homes

The report was commissioned on behalf of Samsung SmartThings allows any home to become smarter, allowing users to switch on lights, control thermostat or unlock the back door via an app or automatically through routines.

In addition to the report, SmartThings surveyed 2,000 of the British Public to find what predictions are most likely to become a reality in future.

The top ten predictions for future living:
1.Virtual work meetings – the ability to work from anywhere and attend meetings remotely via avatars/holograms48%
2.Commercial flights into space41%
3.Virtual interior decoration so that you can program your own surroundings/ LED walls that adapt your surroundings to your mood26%
4.3D printed houses/furniture/food – meaning you can download and print these things at home25%
5.At-home scanning capsules/pods that can diagnose health problems and administer medicines/treatments24%
6.Colonising other planets as we use up resources on Earth19%
7.AI becoming a normal part of daily life – taking over from humans in many industries18%
8.Giant skyscrapers that can house entire cities: the construction of which is allowed for by the development of new super strong materials18%
9.At-home hydroponic farms (that don’t require soil) where you can grow your own food17%
10.Earth-scrapers – buildings that are built down into the ground, so entire cities are subterranean16%


Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.