Elon Musk recently took to the social media platform to announce a potential change to the iconic Twitter logo. In a series of tweets, in the early hours of the morning, Musk hinted at bidding farewell to the Twitter brand and the beloved blue bird logo that has become synonymous with the platform. Instead, he proposed replacing it with an enigmatic “X” logo, signalling the new direction for the social media giant.

This move is part of Musk’s ambitious vision to transform Twitter into a “super app,” akin to China’s WeChat, under its rebranded name, X Corp.

Elon Musk’s series of tweets starting with a poll asking users to vote whether to change the default platform color to black. Which at the time of writing has 473k votes with 75.8% wanting to change the default platform color to black.

Elon goes on to talk about retiring the current iconic blue bird logo, and if a good enough X logo is posted tonight, he will make it go live worldwide tomorrow.

As of now, Musk has not revealed the specific design of the proposed “X” logo. However, he did share an image of a flickering “X” on Twitter, which sparked curiosity among users. It remains to be seen if the shared image will indeed become the final logo or if Musk and his team are still considering other submissions from the Twitter community.

While it’s not clear if he was serious about the rebranding or just playfully speculating, Musk has demonstrated his willingness to swiftly shake things up at Twitter. Since assuming ownership in late October, he has fired top executives, planned massive layoffs, and suggested implementing new features like verifying accounts and charging users for verification badges.

Changing the iconic logo would be a highly visible move that could signal a new era for the influential social media platform under Musk’s command. The blue bird logo has represented Twitter since its founding in 2006, while ‘X’ would evoke Musk’s other companies SpaceX and The Boring Company, which both feature prominent X logos.

It remains to be seen whether a new ‘X’ logo will appear on the Twitter website or app as soon as tomorrow Monday 24th July.

Tobias Matthews

Tobias Matthews


Writer at Fourth Source.