We have collected opinions from some of the leading experts and practitioners on Online Video Marketing trends to look out for in 2014, which we hope will provide you with some insight for your 2014 marketing activities.

Online Video Marketing Trends 2014

On short form videos…

Dompic1219 O'NeillDom O’Neill, Managing Director at Digit
quoteIf 2013 was the year for Instagram, 2014 will be the year for short video. Apps such as Vine and other short video applications that are bound to launch next year will form a key element of brands’ digital strategies and consumer interaction. However, there will be more of an emphasis on quality over quantity. It’s important to keep interaction with audiences focussed, valuable and engaging.

It is only once this is achieved that the consumer will, for example, grant a brand permission to feature on their social pages, be it through shares, likes or retweets – a goal for many brands online. Along with video, sound-focussed apps like Shazam and Chirp.io will also become more influential. The latter for example, allows you to share your photos, webpages, contacts and more with friends using sound by singing information from one phone to another.

On videos and real-time engagement…

Jon Haywood, head of strategy at NomadsJon
We’re seeing a shift in static online video content to something which consumers are starting to engage with in real-time. Take for example innovative projects such as 24 Hours of Happy and you’ll start to see brands engaging and listening to consumers on a larger scale.

Gone are the days where brands can dictate what content a consumer can have and edit. People around the globe are watching and responding in completely different ways, new agile video curating platforms such as Instagram video and Vine are enabling the easy production, curation and sharing of fun, engaging video content. The impetus is now less on the brand and the content it has created and more about that person – what they’re doing and how they will interact with the content.

In 2014 expect to see a bigger shift towards video content designed for this purpose – something the brand encourages the consumer to remix, rehash and reshare.

On making your video stand out…

Matt_PierceMatt Pierce is the Customer Engagement Manager at TechSmith
quoteThe video landscape in 2014 will become increasingly competitive for marketers. Marketers will not only need to learn and understand how video content can impact their business but also then create these videos in order to remain competitive. Additionally, the marketing department will also be  expected to play a large role in ensuring the company’s videos can be easily found, are effective, and standout in an the increasing sea of competition for viewers’ attention.

Multiple platform viewing: With an average of six devices per household connected to the Internet, people are no longer tethered to one device, instead they are constantly on the move – and so is their content. In 2014 marketers will need to ensure that any video content that they produce is available on a variety of platforms.

Tailored content: With so many marketers waking up to the use of video marketing content, there will be an increased need to create content that stands out from the crowd. In a crowded marketplace, an engaging video that is tailored to an audience,  regardless of whether it is informative, educational or entertaining,  and even released at a specific time of day, can ensure its success.

On online video and advertising

Mark Davis, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Service Provider Platforms, Citrix
In 2014 video ads streamed to mobile subscribers will double the volume of data produced through mobile advertising

  • Video advertisements will drive data growth in previously bandwidth-light apps
  • The launch of video ads on Instagram and Facebook will transform the mobile advertising market and its impact of the mobile network
  • Mobile Advertising has already seen significant growth with 3 out of 10 mobile subscribers served ads. However, while to date users have typically been 20x more likely to be served an image-based ad compared to a video ad, the impact of these video ads is 10x that of its image-based counterpart. As video advertising becomes more commonplace on social networks, so the volume of video traffic will be driven up
  • The rise of video ads will provoke new ‘2-sided’ business model partnerships between mobile operators and the social networks that are hosting the video ads
  • For example: MNOs can strike a deal with the social networks to control the quality of delivery of ads in a tiered model depending on how much the advertising party is paying.

On long-form videos

Iddo Shai, Director of Knowledge and Video Production at Kaltura
quoteNetflix is already the largest online video hub and will maintain this dominant position this year. That said, I expect to see more content holders and producers monetising their content by going “direct to consumer”, thereby relying less on the likes of Netflix, Amazon or iTunes.

With new out-of-the-box products that provide user-facing applications and an e-billing component, this should be easier than ever. While we will see many VOD services that will offer Netflix-style “all you can eat” content for a fixed price, I predict that more companies will adopt a hybrid business model that combines ads and subscriptions, like Hulu/Hulu Plus.

Sandeep Vadgama

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