New Blackberry Bold 9900

New Blackberry Bold 9900

Microsoft have teamed up with RIM (Research In Motion) to make Bing the default search engine across all future Blackberry products including the PlayBook.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft announced the alliance between the two companies at the annual BlackBerry World event. In addition to Bing being the default search engine, it will also be the default map application.

Matt Dahlin, Director of Bing says it is more than just being a search box “For us, this goes way beyond a “search box” and links that rank URLs representing a set of web documents. For us, it’s about finding real tools that help real people get things done.”

Yesterday Bing also released a bing app on Blackberry world that helps you to “helps you make decisions and get the answers you need”.

This is the second major deal Microsoft has done with a telecoms company this year. Earlier in the year Nokia confirmed rumours that it had struck a deal with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 to become Nokia’s primary smartphone software.