The Daily Mail and Telegraph are the most shared news sites via social network Pinterest, whilst the Guardian has the most followers and most shared page.

Pinterest LogoA study of 13 UK national newspaper sites by search and social analytics company Searchmetrics, shows has the most shares (1,963,999) referred to as ‘pins’ and the Telegraph came second with 429,137 pins. The Guardian came third with 329,720 pins.

Pinterest has become the fastest growing social network, acquiring 13 million users in the space of 10 months. early business adopters of the network have been online retailers, using Pinterest as a virtual shop window to showcase their products. With 80% of the users in the US being women, it has been largely fashion retailers.

The results show that other sectors including online publishers are also starting to benefit from traffic generated via Pinterest. We have also seen some other brands innovating in this space, bmi ran a campaign earlier this year, which turned Pinterest boards into a lottery game.

Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics, which collects weekly data including an analysis of links shared on Pinterest and other social networks as part of its search and social analytics software, explained:

“Pinterest has the power to put publishers’ content in front of new people and drive traffic back to their sites. While it’s relatively new, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites – increasing its share of all visits to social sites in the UK by 1489 per cent since last year. The site has over 10 million registered users and in the USA high profile news sites such as the Wall Street Journal and Time are among those that are successfully using it. Our research has identified some of the early winners in the UK.”

The data also shows also generates the most average Pins per week (163,574) followed by (42,476) and (32,174).

The most pinned page identified in the Searchmetrics study of the newspaper sites was a feature on how to make a baby’s swaddle blanket with 53,638 pins from

Pinterest activity of UK national newspaper web sites

Lea Pachta

Lea Pachta