We take a closer look at Facebook and its usage in the UK.


facebook demographics

There is a total of 30,945,100 users on Facebook in the UK, that represents 49.63% of the UK population. There are slightly more females (52%)  than males (48%).

facebook uk age distribution

The 25 – 34 year old age bracket continues to dominate, however if you look at the combined 45+  ages you have a fairly large percentage of 22%.


There are over 1.3bn visits per month to Facebook from the UK, with an average of 40 million users visiting every day. This equates to 500 million hours spent on Facebook every month, with and average session time of 22 minutes per user.

facebook usage UK

Experian Hitwise data found, one Facebook fan brings and additional 20 visits to your website over the course of the year.

1 facebook fan


facebook most popular social networkFacebook is the most popular social network in the UK, and the second most visited website in the UK, after Google.

The term “Facebook” is the most popular search term across all the search engines in the UK, in fact three of the top 10 search terms are Facebook related.

It is also the second largest referrer of traffic to a website after Google. 7% of all visits to a website came from Facebook in April 2012.

facebook stats uk

25% of all visits leaving Facebook go straight to an Entertainment website, showing the close affinity between Facebook and people’s interest in movies, TV, music and games.

Insights (Global)

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facebook page numbersThere are 215 pages with 10million+ fans (accounting for 4.5 billion user likes between them), and 4,700 with 1 million+ page likes (accounting for 14.5 billion likes between them).

There are over 300,000 Facebook pages with 10,000+ fans, which account for 36 billion individual user likes across them.

This excludes the many millions of smaller pages – according to Facebook’s SEC filing there are 37 million with 10+ fans.

An average Facebook user has 100+ likes associated with their profile, 20 year olds typically have 300+ likes in their profile and 1000+ is not uncommon.

facebook likes

Facebook pages belong to one of Facebook’s 198 page categories. Musicians and bands are the most popular types of pages on Facebook. They account for 20% of the top 1,000 Facebook pages, and 10% of Facebook pages with 10k+ fans. The most popular music genres on Facebook are rock, pop and hip hop

usher europe

The most  popular TV genre is news with 1.8million likes more than music which has 1.7 million likes.



Experian Hitwise data

Data from Techlightenment, an Experian company 

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